See cute young Larisa today!

Welcome to my site! My name is Larisa. I just turned 19 and as a birthday present to myself I started I've always wanted to have my own website because I happen to love the idea of people looking at me. Whether I'm having sex with my boyfriend Jason, breaking in a "new girl" (I just love pretty girls, don't you?) or just playing with myself in the shower, you're always welcome to watch!

Sometimes people ask me what I'm "into", and I don't really know how to answer them. I'm into SEX, and lots of it. I've only been having sex for about a year so it's still pretty new to me. But I think I've made up for my late start! I like or am willing to try pretty much everything, sexually. I've been with guys and girls (and I have the video to prove it), I've been tied up, tied down, gagged, fucked and splattered with goo. And I'm always looking for a new experience. Any suggestions?

I think what most people like about me is that I seem like the type of girl who would work in some office (which I have) and would have a boring, normal life. Then they see my website and they realize that I'm a LOT different than they thought! Sure, I'm smart and literate and all that- but there's a whole other side to me that you will only get to see HERE, on the most wild and wonderful site on the web. It's funny: having this website has made me even more willing to experience new things. And it's DEFINITELY made me like sex even more! Become a member and you'll see what I mean!

So here's what you get when you become a member of my website: lots of pictures of me, either alone or with my boyfriend or with other girls like my friend Autumn. We love taking photos, so we're always putting some thing new up! Lots of videos too: and the videos are where we get really wild! I love having a cock in my mouth while the camera is rolling!

You also get to read my daily diary and find out what I've been up to that day. And you'll get access to chat with me personally, LIVE, and ask me anything you want! I can't wait to meet you!

Hundreds of pictures and video's inside my site, all for your viewing pleasure!